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Bought a 91 Stealth Turbo

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I bought the most 90s car, according to

It’s a Mitsubishi 3000GT vr4 with Dodge logos on it. I’m really excited. I probably would have preferred Mitsubishi logos, but it’s hard to argue with 50 more hp than the Corvette of the same year. Maximum Japanese. The vin starts with J.


My mom owned a 3000gt SL that was the coolest car my parents ever owned. While hers had 220hp and was front wheel drive, this one has 300hp and is all wheel drive all wheel steering. Hers had a 6 speed manual, as this one is older it has a 5 speed. Also this one being from 91, it’s got wicked sweet pop up headlights. My son even asked how it could have them, asking “aren’t pop-up headlights illegal?” A nice conversation about government regulations ensued.

I pulled the injectors, which were super nasty clogged, and rebuilt them. Got the engine back together. Just need a new intake gasket, as the boost pushed the intake off of the throttle body. A really cool guy from Utah who 3D prints them is sending me another, and I’ll be golden.


I feel super cool when I drive it. Probably shouldn’t but I do.

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