I have been replacing the valley pan gasket, valve cover gasket, CCV, wheel bearings, pads, and rotors on my V8 BMW. It’s pretty much in pieces at th moment.

When removing the valley pan, I broke a bolt. After buying two fire extinguishers (safety first) I heated the bolt a lot, like two full minute blasts . Got a solid purchase with vice grips and nothing. WD40 more heat more vice grips, nothing.

After a week of that I got bored. I decider.d 19 bolts may hold th coolant in, and I bought this car for entertainment. Well, I make my gasket with high heat RTV and put the pan back. I set my torque wrench to 90 inch lbs (2 above spec) and get to work. One bolt breaks. I wonder why. Crap, I didn’t lock the torque setting and it twist d up to max. Now I have to broken bolts on the same side. I’m curious how much it will leak. I’m going to leave it. The job was interesting. I loved seeing under the intake manifold, seeing the cams, valves, and injectors. I’m ready to put the engine back together and see what happens.

I feel like the car owes me as I brought it back from the dead. Any way I mistreat it is justified now.